5 Essential Reasons Why You Must Add a Tote Bag to Your Closet in 2022

5 Essential Reasons Why You Must Add a Tote Bag to Your Closet in 2022

It’s the time of the year again and you’ve decided to shop for a new bag to welcome in your closet. From handbag, clutch, backpack, and shoulder bag, you might want to consider something more practical yet stylish as your next go-to bag.


Introducing, Tote bags - 5 reasons why you might want to consider adding them to your collection.

Why tote bags?

It is one of the oldest surviving bag types ever designed due to its convenience. The word tote can be traced from a 17th-century word which means “to carry”. It gained popularity in the 1940s when a US brand, LL Bean, introduced it to the market to be used as an ice carrier.


Today, we see that tote bags are now multipurpose fashion bags that most ladies and gents are trying to add to their closets.


And, if you need more essentials reasons as to why you should buy one, here are our pointers for you:

Its Size Is Easily Adjusted

Tote bags are one of the bags that can be easily adjusted when it comes to sizing. The initial standard size of a tote bag is actually 13 x 15 inches, and its shape is book-type square.


However, some designers played with their creativity to make the tote bag smaller than the standard making it a good option as a fashion statement. Christy Ng’s Totes has a regular-sized tote with the size of 5.5” width x 13” length x 15” height, and its mini version is at 4.74” width x 10” length x 8.8” height.

Open Space Inside

Unlike other bags with multiple dividers and pockets, a tote bag is simply described as a blank bag. It doesn’t have pockets or dividers to limit what items can fit inside! A standard tote bag can accommodate a 15” laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, and wallets!


Due to its open space inside, you can have the freedom on how you can put in your gadgets and accessories without the hassle of think if they’ll fit in the side due to dividers. The only downfall about this perk is that your stuff might get mixed up inside.

Reliable and Eco-Friendly Material

Totes are one of the most earth-friendly bags out there. It’s a perfect alternative if you aren’t a fan of the bag and uses materials that aren’t earth-friendly and cruelty-free.


Fortunately, Christy Ng’s Tote Bags are made with ethically sourced materials. The Germaine Oblong Tote Bag is also made with premium vegan leather material, so it’s very eco-friendly!

Highly Customizable

Want to showcase your creativity in a bag? You can easily do it in tote bags! Whether it’s your artwork, your favourite quote from a book or movie, you’ve got a variety of options on how to incorporate it into your bag. Some methods include printing, stitching, or even painting!


To make it personally yours, you can even have your name stitched on it! That way, not even your siblings can use it without your permission!

Versatile Use

As mentioned earlier, tote bags are often considered convenience bags due to their simple purpose: to carry your things. No matter how big, small, or heavy it is, as long as it fits, you can put it without worrying about your bag’s overall look!


You can use your tote for a quick grocery run, school, or even as a diaper bag, it will keep you stress-free knowing you have a reliable and stylish bag.


Ready to add a tote bag for your closet? You can shop our collection here.

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