Premium Custom-made Corporate Orders

At Christy Ng, we deeply value personal and unique designs—they make the best gifts that can make someone feel special and appreciated. We have worked with various global and local brands such as Starbucks, DHL and Sony to create personalised designs. They can serve as great gifts for business partners, clients or friends!

You can expect high quality products that are sustainably made, while still being very affordable.

All our corporate orders are designed to order and will always include your brand's touch. Further personalisation is also available through our embroidery/name stamping service—this means that the person receiving the gift can have his/her name on their gift! We are also able to create fashion campaigns to showcase the collection, as showcased in our work with DHL, Starbucks and Smiley.

In the case of creating fashion campaigns, we provide the art direction, images, videos, copywriting and other promotional work to ensure the collection looks the best it can.

Christy Ng x DHL

The collection utilises DHL's iconic Post Yellow—an homage to all DHL employees who are always there for us, rain or shine! The black straps on the bags are similar to road pavements, representing the streets that Christy grew up on, and her wish to provide everyone there with positivity. With the collection, we’d like you to paint the streets you live on in yellow (positivity)delivering aid and joy in these trying times to those who might need it.

The collection also features DHL's Yellow delivery trucks as keychains, further embracing DHL's corporate identity.

We also shot and published the entire collection as a fashion campaign, enhancing DHL's brand image to a global audience (as a fashionable statement) as the campaign found success in over 20 countries across the world.

Christy Ng x DHL Jacket

We created this jacket for DHL, which is now loved by many as seen on social media. We have received plenty of positive feedback and demand for this jacket from both DHL (internationally) and the public! It is a play on the corporate colours of DHL in a fun, fashionable way. This jacket plays more into the varsity "playful" nostalgia aesthetic—emulating that youthful valour one typically associates with it.

DHL travels the world to bring your packages to you, through rain or sunshine—this collection serves as an homage to all DHL employees who are always there for us.

Christy Ng x Starbucks

We created a short fairy tale that played into the nostalgia and folk lore of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is then woven across the campaign—in the bags, packaging and the campaign itself. This gave the collection a dreamy and festive quality, perfect for the Mid-Autumn Festival. We designed this special print that took the notions of the written work, embellishing the bags and mooncake packaging of the collection.

Christy Ng for Dettol

Dettol has been compared as a bodyguard who shields them from the dirty and unsanitary world outside. The brand's use elicits good images and emotions, from making people feel comfortable and confident about themselves, to making the mother feel like she has done her best for her children.

We translated the metaphor of a bodyguard into these beautiful prints, which feature people wearing a green shirt. Incorporating Dettol's CI (Green from the logo and Orange from the liquid), we implore those who carry this bag to feel safe and healthy.

Christy Ng for KPJ

We were commisioned to design a collection based on KPJ's corporate identity. This custom-made design was inspired by the colours of KPJ, a modern twist on a combination of streetwear and practicality. The collection includes a tote bag, a maternity bag and a crossbody bag—all of which are personalisable with our premium embroidery service.

Christy Ng x CU

For CU, we create a beautiful print featuring CU's Corporate Colours and also their various stores across Korea. This print is then fashioned onto our classic mini canvas grocery tote bag, which works really well with CU's overall store aesthetic and product packaging. Customers are also able to personalise their Christy Ng x CU Grocery Tote.

Christy Ng x OPPO

OPPO approached us to create a phone pouch that will come complimentary with every RENO 4 PRO in Galactic Blue. We incorporated the beautiful Galactic Blue in our design, also including the RENO series branding, all bundled into a premium finish. The phone pouch is also personalisable to include the customer's initials on the bag, providing a unique experience and design for each customer.

Christy Ng for Enfagrow

The Hexagonal Patterns found in the prints are a representation of harmony and balance, while the alphabets represent grow and also a hint of playfulness. It also has a child-like playfulness, introducing childish notions such as the ABC playmats and the colours of your child's favourite playground.

We also made sure Enfagrow's Deep Blue stands out amongst all the colours, tying it all back to Enfagrow.

Christy Ng for Great Eastern

Specially commissioned design for Great Eastern's Mid Autumn Gifting. The illustration features the jade rabbit which is an auspicious element in Chinese culture related to the Mid-Autumn Festival and the moon-symbolizing the heroic nature of sacrificing oneself. The Chinese believe that the jade rabbit is also a companion to the Goddess Chang Er on the moon.

The sparrow above is a good omen which represents power, positiveness, simplicity and productivity.

This print is then dyed in a rich coat of Vermilion red, a representation of prosperity and luck in Chinese culture.

Christy Ng for Sony

During the launch of Sony's WH-H900Ns, Sony approached us to designed a handbag and a headphone pouch that matches the available colours of the headphones. By matching the pantones of the collection, it creates a chic looking duo.

Christy Ng x Hilton

For 2020's Mid-Autumn Festival, we created a bag design that came in two different colours: Purple and red. The print is thematic to the Mid-Autumn Festival, which can also be found on the packaging for the Hilton Mooncakes. The Hilton Logo can be found imprinted on the premium golden hardware on the front of the bag.

Personalised Premium Merchandising

Our canvas tote bags are stylish and desirable—add your branding to a design of your choice using our premium embroidery service.

Add Your Name

Personalisation is also available—add your business partner/client/friends name to your uniquely designed bag to further personalise your gift.

Seasonal Gift Bundles

We also offer seasonal gift bundles for every festive season—this includes Raya, Lunar New Year and Christmas.

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